When builders become friends ...

Ute Zander and Otto Metzner have long worked independently as architects at far-flung ends of Germany. In 2017, they decided to combine their skills in a office located in Berlin. What was still missing was a »digital shop window«. That's how we came into play.

Welcome text by Zander Metzner Architekten on a beige background
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The challenge of the new website concept was to present both partners with their different personalities, perspectives and experiences (i.e. reference projects) in such a way that the individuality of each remained intact and a new commonality became visible.

It quickly became clear what the most important thing they had in common was: both want a particularly close and trusting relationship with their customers. »Closeness« was thus a core quality that the website should express.

We solved this with an image concept that combines photos of Ute and Otto's living environment – shot by Ina Goia – with images of their reference projects. Through a web design that makes these references accessible in detail via large images. And via text that is also close to the people, their values and motivations.

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