Refreshed the crypto knowledge

Bitstamp reinvent their own website, we help and integrate the academy area in the first step with the "Learn Center".

A screenshot from the Bitstamp Learn Center.
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With Crypto Decrypted we had already designed a knowledge platform around cryptocurrencies for the crypto exchange Bitstamp. But shortly after, they needed something more from us.

Bitstamp had developed a new corporate design that was to find its way into the company website. So a complete relaunch was on the agenda, with concept (UX) and design from our side.

The first step was to make the academy area - which we had implemented as a microsite in Webflow - part of the corporate website.

This is how the "Learn Center" was born. We conceived and designed a page area that combines background articles, how-to-guides and short explanatory videos on one page - over 100 articles in 7 categories in total. The strategy behind it: to address mainly crypto newbies who want to get into Bitcoin & Co. but don't feel competent enough to get started yet. At the same time, experienced traders should also find in-depth knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain here.

The further steps of the relaunch are still to come. Some navigation logics have to be improved and the design will be adapted even closer to the new corporate design. All with the goal of further strengthening the basic idea of Bitstamp as a "trusted companion" of crypto traders.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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