Making the invisible visible

On the new website for the SEO service provider rankingfusions, content, design and function form a particularly beautiful unit.

A light green graphic consisting of a section of the new logo for Rankingfusions
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The goal of rankingfusions as an SEO expert was to create a website that lived up to its name. It definitely had to achieve good SEO values. And indeed, visibility increased by over 700% (!) shortly after the relaunch. Cleanly set up Webflow pages perform pretty well by default. The relevant, detailed content with a glossary and many blog posts also fits in here.

We have redesigned the logo and found a look that is both technical, sustainable and harmonious. Instead of a dark mode switch (the site is permanently in dark mode), there is a so-called HTML mode for extra access to the topic. This is a switch, like a gateway to another world, through which you are shown in abstract form what is hidden under the hood and what is important in terms of SEO. Briefly explained ... the site offers more than enough content for further in-depth study.

The cooperation from agency to agency was a lot of fun and has already led to a partnership-based collaboration on other customer projects. We wish you sustained good ranking results and rewarding projects!

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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