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The Berlin Global Village's Decolonial Monument competition needed a look, brochure and web design - "independent, eye-catching and critical": check!

the lettering "Decolonization" as a distorted animation
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distorted lettering "Art", purple on a gray background

One of the first major projects of the Berlin Global Village (BGV) is the "Decolonial Monument" competition. In an open, anonymous and worldwide art competition, the realization of a decolonial memorial was announced - an artistic work that deals with decolonization. The artwork will be completed by fall 2024 and permanently installed between or in front of the two buildings of the Berlin Global Village.

Our task was to create a visual identity for the project that was independent, eye-catching and critical. It should appeal to an art audience and have an abstract focus on diversity and postcolonial discourses, as well as taking something like black design into account.

The new look was then to lead to a brochure, templates for social media, posters and programs and a web design. For the brochure, we were responsible for the design, final artwork and the commissioning and supervision of the printing. The compact A5 brochure was ready in time for the first major events.

For the second major component, the web design, we developed the look further into digital. As the website is a subpage of the BGV website, we reused as many modules as possible structurally, while still creating a completely different impression. Conceptually, we have already taken into account the phases following the exhibition and jury decision and planned new homepage content and areas for political education work.

We are looking forward to das erste Germany's decolonial monument!

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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distorted lettering "Dekolonialen Denkzeichen", purple on black background, upright

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