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In cooperation with S+SPR, we gave the idea of a trend report, based on surveys and in-house statistics from the commissioning company Klarna, a digital home.

Teaser image for the Klarna Trend Report article showing influencer Kiki Yang
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»What are the latest trends? Which products end up in the shopping basket? Which themes and which innovations are currently booming among beauty lovers?« The shopping service and payment provider Klarna investigated these questions. The information obtained is based on the Klarna Shopping Index* (calculated from the current Klarna sales data in Germany and Austria), an external, representative survey and expert knowledge. The result, in collaboration with Schröder + Schömbs PR, is the Klarna Beauty Trend Report.

Since we were working with S+SPR on the relaunch of their website at the time of creation anyway, we were given the honour of conceiving, designing and programming a digital home for the Klarna Trendreport. We'll let the PR professionals' announcement speak for itself then.

The report on the beauty trends and needs of our society is now live and available at and is peppered with exclusive images and meaningful graphics. And it will not remain a one-shot: Whether for beauty, fashion, sports or interior design, the data-based Klarna trend analysis will be available regularly in the future with the aim of providing insights and inspiration.

Update summer 2022: The project was so successful that there was a second trend report on the topic of free time in July 2022, which we were also allowed to manage again. This time, not only with the creation of the website and preparation of the assets for the press. We also contributed infographics. As static images optimized for desktop and the mobile application and incorporated on the website according to the same criteria as Lottie animations.

Update summer 2024: The official campaign is long over, the domain has also been switched off. However, the site can still be reached at

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