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A microsite for the crypto exchange platform Bitstamp explains what Bitcoin, blockchain, bulls & bears are all about.

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As one of the very first exchanges for cryptocurrencies, Bitstamp has a well-sounding name among crypto fans from the very beginning. Especially traders with experience appreciate Bitstamp for its reliability and the high security standards compared to the market.

Of course, Bitstamp wants to attract new customers in addition to its regular users. Private investors and institutional traders are target groups that one wants to conquer. Here, trustworthiness is to be emphasised as a central brand value too.

But how can trust in crypto investments, which are still risky, be built up – especially among inexperienced private customers? The best way is to educate them. That's why we have designed a microsite that, like a glossary, decodes the most important terms and the very special slang around Bitcoin & Co: Crypto Decrypted – the name says it all.

The result is not an advertising site for Bitstamp, but a small crypto academy in its own right. Relaxed in tone, informative in content and transparent in terms of the opportunities and risks of crypto investments.

In this way, Bitstamp sets itself apart from digital gambling and positions itself as a »trusted companion« that accompanies beginners and advanced users through the crypto world in a serious and solid manner.

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