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On the track, ready, go!

DB Cargo has a new website – a major editorial project with 210 pages each and around 880 modules in German and English.

Graphics of DB Cargo's means of transport
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In autumn 2016, we initially supported DB Cargo, Europe's largest freight railway, in an advisory capacity with the definition of the goals, the revision of the page structure and the technical possibilities of the system. From December onwards, we got down to the actual work for four months: revising the texts, approval processes and agreements with the specialist departments, organising the translation, setting up the page, entering the content with image editing, designing and implementing infographics.

We have been providing editorial support for the website of DB Schenker, the logistics company of Deutsche Bahn, for many years. An important prerequisite for the successful implementation of the project, which requires good knowledge of the terms and processes of rail freight transport, the DB Group and, above all, the editorial system.

Structure of the pages

The new DB Cargo website is based on the current Deutsche Bahn AG template. Compared to its predecessor, this is above all more responsive and image-heavy. The system works with different page types such as content pages, structure pages and modules. The interaction of the images as well as the headlines and teaser texts always had to be considered. Every image, every flap element, every link, every contact and every brochure are created as individual modules.

Revision of the texts

Apart from SEO, the goals were to address new customers more strongly, a stronger product orientation, a clearer naming of the advantages and, above all, a greater clarity and streamlining of the content. Above all, we shortened the individual text pages where possible and made the texts more compact and catchy by using fold-out elements, highlighting and bulleted lists.

Infographics and the interactive network map

Core products, benefits and facts and figures are now presented more prominently and clearly via infographics.

One project in the project is the interactive network map. The application, which is based on geo-coordinates, provides an overview of DB Cargo's route network. A selection legend can be used to display different shuttles, industry solutions and country subsidiaries.

At the industry trade fair »transport logistic« in May 2017, the map was in use on a large touchscreen at the DB Cargo stand – and received a lot of approval.

After the successful relaunch, we are looking forward to the continuous editorial support of

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