Constituting project presence

For the design of the website of Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten, we added some nuanced features to the client's ideas and wishes. The result was a varied interplay of disciplines from design to programming.

Blue ceiling construction by Müller Reimann Architekten
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The focus of the website is on the presence and topicality of the architecture firm's projects. Therefore, a filter on the start and project page offers immediate access to the most important categories, whereby current and long-running projects are displayed presently. The navigation - behind a classic burger menu - is a mixture of concrete overview pages and filters. Under »Projects«, the subcategories follow directly and »All« offers a tabular overview of the projects.

At the same time, the layout is uncluttered. It exercises restraint in order to show off the architecture firm's powerful visual work to its best advantage. We made sure that the website is responsive and can be displayed effectively in all formats.

It gets sophisticated on the detail pages

Variation with stringency is possible in the presentation of the projects. A modular structure makes projects recognisable, with room for individual exhibition. With a practised scroll down, users learn more about the selected project, for which the key data are presented at the end of the page. In a slide show, additional image material can be presented in a small space in desktop and tablet applications. And a clever right-left movement takes users to other projects in the same category.

The highlight feature is a plug-in that determines the ratio of text and images. The full-screen photos of the start page change with every restart. In order for these to spread their full radiance, elements and text automatically contrast with the background. The image does not have to be darkened or lightened, text and elements do not have to find their place in boxes or be placed detached from the image.

Implemented entirely in Drupal, the content management system is extremely convenient, as it offers many small-scale and individual options. Also in internal use, for which a search by abbreviation was integrated to find projects straight away.

Sometimes it is only small but special requirements that make a fine difference to a fine site when implemented.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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