Smart instead of clever with celver

For celver, we developed our largest webflow page in addition to CD basics, whereby the topic of lead generation was particularly important.

A detailed view of the newsletter teaser on the Celver website
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celver AG, based in Hamburg, Munich and Lisbon, calls itself a strategic partner for management and IT processes. They offer solutions for smart planning, smart analytics and smart data.

We initially supported the company in developing new CD basics and the corresponding guidelines and transferring them to individual materials. We were then tasked with relaunching the website.

They wanted a dynamic, modern site that told a good story about what celver actually does. The most important goal was lead generation, which is why there are many prominent buttons and different teaser types on the site and numerous external services such as Hubspot, Calendly and Recruitee are integrated. The English version runs via Weglot.

The stable, serious, yet harmonious, friendly design and small animations create a clear and entertaining experience.

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