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The company GUT green innovations "develops and invests in lighthouse projects" in the fields of technologies, climate protection, society, education and culture. We contributed a minimal corporate design, but most importantly a website.

The name GUT and a collage with a zeppelin and a plant seed
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.GUT green innovations is a project developer for sustainable construction and utilisation projects that have a positive impact on our society and the environment – both in urban areas and in rural regions undergoing structural change.

Together with the .GUT team, we thoroughly revised the corporate design without specifying overly strict application guidelines. Font, word mark, a palette of colors... the changeable handling of the possibilities was important to all involved. For us, however, above all: to give "the dot" a special role.

This is already shown by the start page animation. Here »the dot« moves from its word mark/start point in a circle to the origin.

Circulation, baby! Terms set the tone and around the burger menu that then appears, these animations remain on all sub-pages. One turn is scrolling the page once from top to bottom. At the same time, the mouse pointer (on the desktop) is also a point, which is used overall every now and then to set the style.

Navigation is mainly maintained through the expansive footer at the end of each page. The menu items have friendly, »speaking« names, but a matching, sober URL. Example: Projects are called »Places« in the navigation, the team »People«. Each »Places project« has a relatively individually designed detail page... but you can discover all that for yourselves.

We would also like to mention the (animated) b/w collages on the homepage, the individual parts of which are taken up on the detailed pages and behind which, in their abstractness, there is more than meets the eye. Keyword: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), i.e. the UN's »Sustainable Development Goals«. Have fun guessing.

The people at .GUT green innovations »question the normal, rethink the world and develop places for people and organisations to give innovation a home, a platform and a community.« We hope this succeeds and that visiting the website helps with the many, big steps on the road to betterment.

Rethink, transform, connect, participate, impact first. Good luck!

PS: By the way, the site scores four times the full 100 in the Google Lighthouse test! Look for one that can claim that.

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