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We chose a loud tonality with vivid images, bold colours and a rough felt pen font for highlights. For the first use at the »Online Marketing Rockstars« conference 2018, we were definitely right.

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Media Impact is a joint venture of Axel Springer SE and Funke Mediengruppe and markets their national media brands. The aim is always to make the benefits of their own media offerings palatable and transparent to advertisers.

Our task in this case:

Prepare extensive numerical material within the framework of a PowerPoint presentation in such a way that it impresses visually, conveys clear statements and at the same time remains scientifically correct. The task was to prepare studies in which different digital news media are examined to see whether they offer a high-quality environment for advertising.

Specifically, the studies examined the reputation of different news sources (primarily news portals, social media and email) and the advertising placed there among media users.

Background: Advertisers are unsettled and see their »brand safety« at risk. This is because of »fake news« and other dubious content is increasingly appearing in the same media environments in which their advertising appears.

The study results were available in extensive data series, which could not be reduced for the sake of scientific verifiability. So we could not do without diagrams and tables.

The challenge was to make the detailed, dense data look bold and attractive. We decided that a loud tonality, with vivid images, bold colours and a rough felt pen font for emphasis is the perfect way to do so.

We were right for the first time at the »Online Marketing Rockstars« conference in 2018.

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