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For some time now, we have been increasingly relying on Webflow for the implementation of smaller and medium-sized website projects. With great success and growing interest. Here are a few examples.

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»Bring your design vision to life in clean, semantic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript - with the Webflow Designer.«
Collage from Webflow projects by HENKELHIEDL

Webflow is »the modern way to build for the web«, says the marketing. As a SaaS product (Software as a Service, Cloud Computing), Webflow enables extremely well performing websites to be designed via a visual »design tool« while generating code at the same time.

Webflow is a tool for design, but also a CMS and hosting platform. The built-in SEO support is excellent, and virtually no updates are necessary during operation (compared to the plugin battles in Wordpress, for example). Nevertheless, despite all its limitations, which also have advantages, the product is relatively open to complex interventions via custom code, as we proved in the Green Recovery Tracker project.

We have already successfully used Webflow in the following projects, for example:

More about our current favourite tool in the near future. Here we will document those projects that would have been difficult to realise within the framework of time and money budgets in times before we used Webflow: small websites, some of which already had a design.

  • - The SMART / AI-AUTONOMY project explores how artificial intelligence can support patients' ability to give consent. Based on the corporate design and a start page draft by Bijan Latif, we built the page in Webflow in a short time and expanded it with small features.
  • - The recently founded Machenstiftung (a foundation) is dedicated to the topics of »education, climate protection and social justice«, because these topics decide »what our children's world will look like«. The design and first drafts come from Jens Pieper, we quickly turned the whole thing into code with the help of Webflow.

Through our cooperation with the streaming specialists at, we have also created various landing pages for events. Here is an example. But such a simple page can quickly turn into a complex web project, as in the case of Bach From Home. The list will grow quickly, that much seems certain.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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In order to test how effective and reliable Webflow is, we also implemented this website with it - successfully, we'll just say.
Collage from Webflow projects by HENKELHIEDL

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