Design also calms the nerves

Initially, it was just a matter of relaunching the website of Kombinat, a friendly agency that specializes in store solutions. Very quickly, fundamental questions arose. In the end, the corporate design was also a topic. And more.

Circles, which are drawn lengthwise and through different shades of blue, create a pattern.
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Vision, Mission, Purpose. Where do we want to go, what do we do at all and why? These questions came up quickly after we had actually "only" discussed the relaunch of the website. A good handful of workshops later, the first answers were found, which were not only helpful for the orientation of the Kombinat company, but of course also for the conception, design and content of the website. But above all: for a new corporate design.

So we defined a new logo, color scheme and house font. Inspired by the architecture of GDR modernism, we created patterns that are used throughout the site.

We also provided a little self-help when it came to content and supported the whole process of the website dynamically, as a large, cross-agency team. Not only text played a role. There was also an image concept and case editing. The collaboration was rounded off by the fact that we were able to recommend Max Zerrahn, a great photographer, for a Moods shoot.

The project was implemented in Webflow.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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