LUA, the new collection from LAUFEN, can be understood and experienced on an extra microsite. Interactive moments and a transfer of the collection idea to the screen design help in this.

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The site is meant to be an experience while communicating the features of the new collection to different target groups.

The trade fair at which the new LAUFEN collection LUA was supposed to be presented was cancelled. Therefore, the microsite is to take over important functions. It should present the collection, explain its features, but also make it a sensual experience.

We were involved in the communication from the strategic planning of the target groups to the initiation of a social media competition campaign. It was particularly important for us to combine the versatile materials into a comprehensible story and a uniform impression. The web design and the texts here should each reinforce the mood and intentions of the images or, if necessary, sharpen them and explain them simply. Just like the collection itself, which is described as contradictorily poetic and functional, the site is equally playful and informative.

We derived a flyer from the storytelling for the microsite, and social media posts are to follow.

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Scroll, deepen, seamlessly continue reading on the first level or directly abbreviate via jump labels. Storytelling, design and UX go hand in hand here.

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