Geoportal Berlin

We designed the website for Geoportal, the central access point to maps and spatial data of the state of Berlin.

MacBook opened, colourful screen from Geoportal Berlin
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We got ourselves a public commission! And created an exquisite design for it. We designed the landing page of the Geoportal and the FIS-Broker application. Functional to maximum user-friendliness will be the result when the re-design and concept are finally implemented and the programming is completed. But you can already take a look at it!


The place of maps. Thousands of data form a purpose-driven image of the metropolis here: by day or night, in the city, in the countryside, by the water. The portal is operated by the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing.


The central application of the portal where maps and data can be found and edited.

The landing page welcomes users with visual functionality. The entry is facilitated with a well thought-out navigation.

Simplification requires a deep understanding of application possibilities. The FIS-Broker system is therefore turned upside down, sorted and rethought. The improvement in usability is shaped by a visually characterised and thus more intuitive user interface. The design supports the new functionality.

Functions are bundled and packaged in a self-explanatory way:

Search results are summarised in a newly introduced preview function.

A layer appears above selected maps, which can be used to continue working directly and with visual support.

The overlaying of several maps and different options is made simple with drag and drop.

An interactive legend with filter function makes changes in the process easy.

The function for series is simplified and played out vividly.

The work on the click dummy, screens and usability test has begun! The logo comes at the end, of course also from our hand.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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