Self-promotion in a very simple way

Because art is for everyone, the Festivalfriends make it easy for the world. With the aim of more visibility for the independent performing arts in Germany. We were allowed to help with corporate design and the website.

The Festival Friends word mark on a light green background
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Festivalfriends is a festival association of the independent performing arts in Germany. Seven festivals have joined forces to network better, exchange experiences and strengthen existing festival structures. 

But above all, the artists are given the opportunity »to take their positions beyond their local sphere of influence into new regions and contexts«. So the Festivalfriends are all about visibility. The website, which we were allowed to design, is intended to be a tool to do so.

But the »positions« that the performing arts convey are not infrequently intellectually challenging. Therefor our approach was to create a site that is precisely not complex, but very accessible – both for the initiated and for interested laypeople. This was entirely in the spirit of our clients: The topic of »accessibility« was very important to the Festivalfriends from the very beginning – and a reason to turn to us in particular. 

The website is therefore structured as simply as possible. For orientation, the navigation levels cascade over each other. An explanatory introductory sentence on each level makes it clear what it is all about. The strong colours form an additional guidance system. 

And last but not least, there is a detailed offer in simple language (and soon also in sign language). This lowers the barriers to access even further and makes it clear: art is for everyone.

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