MeTime, WeTime, TeaTime

Good and sustainable tea is WITAL's passion. We helped the shooting star among tea manufacturers to organise their brands.

Picture of a pile of tea bags that have been given the text »100% completely good« because of their compostability – plus the Wital logo.
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Apart from good taste, WITAL stands out as a tea producer above all by dispensing with any plastic and conventional adhesives in all products and packaging. The organic whole-leaf tea is 100% natural and all (packaging) materials used are completely compostable!

In partnership with Schröder + Schömbs PR, we put the fast-growing brand on the couch once, analysed, sorted, optimised and equipped it with a brand book.

What is the brand story? How are the products staged? In what tonality does the brand speak? Above all, we took care of the visual identity: the logo, the »tea tag« as a design element, fonts, colours, photography... all this had to be revised, defined and documented in a brand book. Including application examples, from POS displays to PowerPoint.

Maybe we have our fingers in the pie for a completely new product? Who knows, there may be more to tell about this later. In any case, »Restless good taste« (Wital's wonderfully ambiguous claim) has already been given a third definition.

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