Be the movement

An online/offline social event on accessibility - initiated by the Sozialhelden and supported by WHO and ITU.

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Not an everyday project. An affair of the heart. And a great success.
MapMyDay Illustration Map

For the #MapMyDay campaign, we took care of the conception, design and programming of the microsite on behalf of the Berlin-based association Sozialhelden e.V.. The aim of the campaign, which was supported by WHO and ITU, was to draw attention to and the associated apps, and to mark as many places as possible.

»Stairs are an everyday barrier for millions of people around the world - whether they use wheelchairs, walkers or prams. Help us and with a few clicks on the online map, enter whether the places in your neighbourhood are wheelchair accessible or not. Let's record as many places as possible together! Be part of it! Be the movement!«


In keeping with the theme, there is an illustrated »map« in the background of the page to lighten up the mostly factual content (e.g. app downloads, info PDFs, video and image material, etc.). Due to the extreme time pressure, this map does not represent a completely uniform line between the campaign material and the website. The Sozialhelden and Henkelhiedl tinkered with the digital and analogue design right up to the last minute.

Concept & Development

Since the microsite had to be maintained in six different languages and the content had to be easy to update over time, we decided to set up a lean CMS developed in-house. The navigation was intentionally kept small in view of mobile devices and the different expansion stages.

The result is, a site that has changed again and again in details to suit the campaign, but has retained - and will retain - its basic functions and basic information.

The website as an activation page

Besides the countdown, the most important goal at the beginning was to show the many different ways to participate in this event:

  • as an individual
  • as a group
  • as an official partner

Including instructions and other support. But also material for each individual. Be it a profile picture for Twitter, Facebook cover pictures or the complete supporter kit for bloggers.

The website as a landing page

On 3 December, the »Day of People with Disabilities«, the action started. On this day, became an event site that clearly wanted to foreground the immediate mapping and observation of activities in the so-called social media - but of course still retained its information character.

The website as documentation

Of course, people can also use #MapMyDay and Wheelmap after 03 December. For the organisational team, this date was still important in terms of public relations. It became a hot »Mapping December«. But even after that, people can continue to mark.

The result

In four weeks, over 25,000 locations were marked or incomplete records were updated with important information.

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