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The relaunch for the Swiss architecture firm results in two new websites: one for the office and one for the gallery.

Detail of a site plan by Bob Gysin Partner
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At the end of 2016, the Swiss architecture firm Bob Gysin + Partner invited us to pitch. They had seen our work for atelier ww and E2A, also Swiss architecture firms. Our design for a new website was convincing.

Two things were particularly crucial: the design and the conceptual bracket between the architectural practice and the gallery itself.

Minimalist office website

As there was no CD available, we derived the design from the office's work and especially the BGP publication »Sustainable Thinking and Architecture and Art«. It is restrained, tidy and respectful. Text and image are each given plenty of space, but are never mixed.

The structure is minimal. The use of colour and greyscale is systematised. For example, the project images are black and white and only become coloured when hovering. Each individual subpage and project is also treated clearly and generously. For example, if you close one of the projects that greet you on the home page as a full-page image slideshow, it is visibly embedded in the project overview. 

If you scroll through projects, the view snaps to each image. Another small but subtle effect is in the logo, which is reduced to the abbreviation BGP on each subpage when scrolling for the first time - in order to maintain the strict separation of text and image.

Independent gallery website

The fact that the gallery is associated but still independent is reflected in the structure. The gallery has its own URL, but is present on the office page via a full-page teaser, the menu and the footer. Once you are on the gallery page, there is no going back. 

Structure and design are similar - lots of space for the pictures, set-off texts. Special here: The page moves over a live background. A webcam is installed in the gallery. Clicking on one of the edges takes you to the full-page webcam view, where you can see the current exhibition or employees of the architecture firm crossing the room.   

We are happy to show you the new website or websites for Bob Gysin Partner and Galerie Bob Gysin. We also really liked the relaxed collaboration with the charming Swiss.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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