A foundation with a difference, a foundation that is cool

Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records, and Diáne Zillmer, photographer, have set up a foundation to support »audio-visual art and socio-cultural projects«. We are proud to support them with corporate design, consulting and a website.

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The MZF board consists out of artists, producers and visionaries with many years of experience.

The Miller-Zillmer Foundation was founded in May 2019 and aims to support people, regardless of their social and cultural background, in making projects a reality that are sustainable, create and strengthen education and at the same time have added value for the community. »Guided by a culture-oriented philosophy that delivers unusual visions.«

We are very proud that the two founders Diáne Zillmer and Daniel Miller have commissioned us at the end of 2019 to accompany them on their way into the digital foundation world. 

Based on an existing logo, we not only developed a corporate design. Through workshops and strategic consulting, we have also accompanied their path into the digital world in the environment of social media. 

The core element is the website. A one-pager, where even the imprint and data protection guidelines are included. For this, there is an eye-catching, separate project overview. The special feature here: each project's microsite is unique. And there will be many more in the course of time.

We are looking forward to it. 

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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»We are committed to human rights and social integration, respect and tolerance, cosmopolitanism and the protection of cultural assets.«

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