Connected Transformation

We conceived, designed and implemented a new website in Webflow for the Berlin »Lifestyle PR« agency Schröder + Schömbs.

Abstract graphic visualising the Connected Transformation approach
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We were very pleased to win the pitch for the relaunch of Many years ago, a part of the management team implemented one or two projects with the PR agency and came to appreciate their way of working and the team.

A revision of the corporate design was not initially planned. In the course of the process, however, not only did a motto for the relaunch develop - »Connected Transformation« - but also such a clear language of colours and shapes that, together with the typeface and design, a completely new look was developed for S+SPR.

The site itself relies entirely on »opulent reduction«. Four main menu items, a short, simple start page with teasers to the then individually designed overview pages. A lot of love and detail work has gone into all the pages in terms of design, animation and content.

  • Culture - the »rules of the game« as a text list, followed by many pictures, a wonderful animation around the theme of »self-image«.
  • Work - a showreel and teaser for the cases, as well as small animations on other topics; the detail pages then fully rely on a video effect already in the teaser and the automatic transition to the actual video after »Play«.
  • News - reflects the importance of the regular postings around press releases & co; the detail pages give a lot of scope for design
  • People - plays with hover effects; known to be the most visited page of an agency in general

A small challenge was the seemingly insignificant portfolio page. We also implemented this project with Webflow. When it comes to long lists and the interconnected combination and sorting of CMS content, you sometimes come up against limits with on-board tools that are ultimately not limits at all. Using Webflow, on the other hand, made it easier to create the English "In A Nutshell" version of the site. A best of instead of a page-wide translation.

And many little things more. A great project that not only resulted in a support contract, but also the further development of presentation templates and social media templates. But above all, other joint projects in partnership, such as the Klarna trend report or a joint project for the Wital brand. Connected Transformation!

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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The site itself is all about »opulent reduction«.

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