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Together with the editorial team, we have completely redesigned the online magazine for architecture students. The result is a place for the next generation of architects.

Screenshot of the baunetz CAMPUS homepage on blue background
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The new baunetz CAMPUS aims to accompany students throughout their architectural studies and provide opportunities for interaction with teachers from universities and colleges.

In addition to the conception, we defined the corporate design of the sub-brand of BauNetz and practically implemented it directly into a website.

Information, inspiration and interaction are the focus of CAMPUS, which wants to be taken literally and sees itself as the communicative centre of the »virtual university« with specially produced content and formats.

A FOKUS@CAMPUS is published at regular intervals, which editorially bundles essential aspects of planning and building, from design to building construction to theory, as well as topics relevant to students' everyday lives. 

»My Studies« supports students with organisational questions about studying architecture. Content formats such as »Talks@Campus« and »People@Campus« take up impulses from the university landscape and discuss them further. But jobs, dates and competitions are also published, just like on the "notice board" in the past.

Three subject areas serve as topic-based collections of all editorial contributions and content of the entire BauNetz cosmos, the largest German-language online architecture magazine. 

The website only »appears« to have a navigation system to give users orientation. Each page is always reassembled via tags. This has the advantage that certain interdisciplinary topics can be found where it makes sense in terms of content.

The dashboard at the top of the page was an important part of our concept and makes it possible to explore the entire content using only keywords. This also holds unusual tags.

The search is certainly the most powerful tool for accessing the almost 70,000 hits. Tags, categories and filters allow any expert search.

Aligned with a grid, the appearance leans towards a brutalist approach. Behind the round corners of the teasers, the blue campus background keeps winking out, visually leaning towards the blueprint of a building plan.

Please do not ask whether this is relevant to the exam.  

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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