Project management

To make it work.

Our project managers see themselves more as process developers than pure organisers. They do not manage the status quo, they develop the status quo anew every day. For all important phases of a project, it is not only important for the contact person to be available, but in the best case to answer all questions before they are asked.

Project managementProject management

Projects are always processes and processes have to be regulated.

A job between communication and coordination.

The project management team is not only responsible for communicating with clients, but also for presenting results, controlling budgets, scheduling, creating tickets and internal team coordination. If a project were not only a process but also a product, we could also speak of a product owner.

The goal: to seek proximity with foresight.

Our PM team offers a partnership. An attitude that is necessary for the development of a vision, strategy in the project – developing in the direction that the company/institution : HENKELHIEDL team wants and has worked out together. A project manager thinks the bigger picture and works proactively.

That is our approach as we are moving forward.

We achieve our successes through regular »shoulder-to-shoulder« meetings with our project partners - be it digitally or on site. This prevents long feedback loops and misunderstandings. We structure internally through short stand-ups, which help us to keep a constant eye on the project process. In addition, all relevant trades are present at important meetings. This way, all employees have the same level of knowledge and can contribute their expertise in a timely manner.

Transparency as the answer to many questions.

To have all current and long-term tasks, time planning and the budget fully in view at all times and to communicate these topics transparently: check. We recommend a regular jour fixe for this. In these discussions, the next steps should be focused: What is the project's status? What is still needed? Where is something missing? When and within what framework will tasks be implemented?

Project management ≠ Overheads. There, if necessary. Invisible, if possible.

There is no classic hierarchy within the trades at HENKELHIEDL. Our teams are put together according to requirements. The products are developed and presented by experts so that there is a professional exchange. This also applies to project management. There, if necessary. Invisible, if possible.

The practice - more than e-mail and telephone.

In the course of a project, we use many different techniques to ensure or document progress. Here is a selection, whereby individual exceptions are the agile rule:

  • Miro is our preferred tool for conducting workshops and creating concepts. It is a wonderful medium for collaboration between all project participants and, above all, very uncomplicated and intuitive.
  • For digital project management, we work with tools such as Trello or Jira.
  • Project documentation is done via Confluence and client communication - in addition to emails - is also done via Slack or MS Teams. Always in the way that best suits the project and the project partners.