Places of mourning and remembrance

We developed a new website family with four individual pages in Magnolia for the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation.

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Accessibility, system security and SEO should be the focus and the individual target groups should be addressed more clearly.

As the winning agency in an invited competition, we were awarded the contract for the relaunch of the websites of four institutions of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation. We were very pleased about the trust placed in us. This time, we even undertook a research trip to Weimar and Nordhausen in preparation for the pitch, because the project is not like any other, simply because of the important topic.

Previously, the Foundation and the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora memorials ran as subheadings on the same page, which was generally getting on in years. In addition to implementing the new CD, the focus was to be on accessibility, system security and SEO, and to address the individual target groups more clearly.

In several workshops we worked out the goals and structure of the site together with the management team of the foundation and the individual houses, building on the numerous preliminary works of the foundation team.
Based on our recommendation, the site is built and editorially maintained via Magnolia CMS. The system, we are a Magnolia partner agency, brings convenient multi-title solutions and high security standards.

In the design, it was important to do justice to the serious topic and still develop an appealing and modern appearance. We derived the design from the foundation's CD and expanded it for the web. The individual institutions, the Foundation, the Buchenwald Memorial, the Mittelbau-Dora Memorial and the future Museum of Forced Labor under National Socialism, were to be perceived as independent, while their cohesion remained recognizable.

This is also reflected in the concept and the editorial workflows. You can quickly reach the other pages via the main menu. In addition, there are central shared areas, such as the landing page for the Reflections magazine, and shared areas with individual sections, such as the newsroom or the jobs. In the common editorial environment, individual contents can be played out on several pages.

Side projects in the course of the relaunch were the design of a suitable newsletter template and the integration of Sendinblue, as well as the setup and consulting around the tracking tool Matomo.

Further joint projects and longer-term website support will follow, and we wish the Foundation that the new websites will support many people in optimally preparing and researching their site visits.

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The system, we are a Magnolia partner agency, brings convenient multi-title solutions and high security standards.

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