Content management is King Kong!

This is the second relaunch of DB SCHENKER that we have handled editorially. And probably the biggest editorial project we have ever managed.

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DB SCHENKER is a global logistics service provider with 1850 locations in 130 countries. We have been a framework agreement partner of DB SCHENKER since 2009 and provide editorial support for the group's websites. And that's quite a lot.

Over 70 (!) country pages in 36 languages need to be kept up to date at all times. We have a permanent team of project managers and editors who are very familiar with the CoreMedia content management system

When it comes to relaunching the global corporate website including all country pages, as is the case now, this is not a task for day-to-day business. For us, it was a major project that kept us on our toes for around six months. 

At the beginning, the aim was to plan the individual project steps efficiently. Here we were able to support the Global Marketing Team at DB SCHENKER with our experience. After all, our editors know almost all the tricks and pitfalls of CoreMedia from other DB projects.

We then began the structural development of the website in the CMS. New pages had to be created, and many new page templates and modules were used, which we first had to test. A particular challenge - the technical development was still partly running in parallel, which influenced the planning for the editorial work.

Once everything was technically okay, it was time to fill the content. The challenge here lay in organizing the localization: every single text module, every headline and every caption had to be translated and adapted to the respective countries and target markets. Managing agreements and approval processes across continents was not a new experience for our project managers - but in this intensity it was certainly their masterpiece. 

In addition to the content work, our editorial team always had the task of sharing their knowledge with the teams from the DB SCHENKER branches. In countless video training sessions, we got to know so many nice people - and learned a little bit more about the world along the way.

As you know, a website is never really finished. So this project is also constantly ongoing and new content and requirements are added almost daily - which of course makes us happy.

When designing new content areas, we make every effort to think about future content maintenance at the same time. Because we have learned one thing: even though content may be "king", content management is the true supreme discipline!

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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