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FU24BA7L, art and culture

FU24BA7L is a festival of football culture with 24 different events at 7 different locations in Cologne. We supported with corporate design, its implementation and a website.

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Funded by the Football & Culture Foundation , the festival is working with a network of project partners in the run-up to UEFA EURO 2024 to address topics such as sustainability, integration, diversity and equal opportunities and wants to make the people behind it visible. »The programme ranges from inclusive football tournaments to talks and panel discussions to concerts, performances, exhibitions and DJ sets.«

We were able to accompany the project from the very beginning. For the logo, we used a distinctive font and incorporated the conceptual 24/7 idea. All of the media used are united by their playful use of colours and surfaces, which are always sections of the numbers two, four and seven. In the course of the project so far, not only the CI has been created, but we have also implemented business stationery, templates for social media, banners, posters, stickers, light boxes, displays and, of course, jerseys and other clothing.

The core of the events will take place between March and June 2024. The website not only shows event details, but also brackets them thematically, shows profiles of all participants, presents partner institutions and all locations . Updates inform about news and also show impressions of the events in the advanced everyday life of the festival. To loosen things up a little, there are powerful quotes on the topic on each page, which are more than "Milan or Madrid..." etc.

In addition to the website, the festival is primarily active in the media via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We are very much looking forward to the critical phase and will update this article with further measures from our design and digital support.

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