At the interscetion of interior architecture and design

»DEAR Magazine« became »DEAR«, then became »baunetz id«, a platform all about interior architecture and design. The interior comes from BauNetz. The outside from us.

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BauNetz is the largest German-language online architecture magazine, with over 11 million page views per month. The long list of projects we have conceived and designed together is now joined by baunetz id.

»Designers and manufacturers alike will find a platform that introduces, lists and networks relevant professionals. We dedicate ourselves to the most exciting interior and design projects in numerous dossiers as well as stories and focus on people and their inspiration. We tell stories and let you get up close and personal with the space. This is where designers find their partners, clients, ideas and favourite things.« Thus the self-description.

We have given these content-related preconditions a consistent design face. A look of our own that was generated from the theme. We wanted to make the editorial mission of baunetz id a motor for inspiration and style as a website as well, to emphasize the design focus.  

The dominant idea is to use coloured teaser tiles on overview pages, whose background colour is individually matched to the photos. This brings a lot of dynamism and, in a positive sense, playfulness to the look; in this way, the editorial team becomes part of the design. The resulting patchwork idea also resonates pleasantly in the design. »Planned coincidence« and »impression sampling«, an impression just before pop.  

The typography picks up on the magazine's origins through its editorial feel. The circle closes here.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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