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We upgraded and modernized the website for DB Autohaus and switched to a new CMS. For more speed, security and a better feeling when using it.

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Since the relaunch in 2018, we have been supporting the DB car dealerships, which are subsidiaries of Deutsche Bahn and sell used vehicles from their fleet. After all these years, we wanted to renew the technical setup of the website to make it fit for the future. 

The backend system was to be separated from the frontend to enable targeted development of both components and simplify maintenance. In the backend, we relied on the headless content management system Strapi to replace Pimcore. Communication with the frontend now runs via a well-defined interface, implemented as a JSON API. 

We rewrote the frontend in Nuxt to leverage our in-house expertise in JavaScript. The Nuxt framework extends Vue with server side rendering. This eliminates a lot of tedious configuration and customization, allowing us to focus on the real problems during development. 

Strapi as a so-called no-code solution is therefore used for data management and maintenance, while the business logic is implemented in Nuxt. 

With the CMS move, we also rely on a contemporary automated deployment via CI/CD pipeline, which makes the future development of the site faster and less error-prone. We look forward to many more years together with DB Autohaus!

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