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We redesigned the look & feel of the film production company sendefähig from Bremen/Berlin and based on that we redesigned the website and implemented it in Webflow.

Screenshot from the sendefähig website
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It was no normal project. The Berlin branch of sendefähig GmbH has been a subtenant at Urbanhof since 2021. Therefore, the conditions were rather friendly from the beginning, see also our article on the topic of partnerships.

While the initial task was »only« the relaunch of, it quickly became clear that we would also have to take on the corporate design and create a new look and feel for the digital world. At the same time, we helped the editorial team to structure, sort and prepare the content. Not only for SEO reasons, but also with regard to the presentation as a brand on the web.

The website itself is designed to follow this, with no frills. Clear menu items. The content-related tasks were not to immediately fall into the house with video, but above all to bring the variety of formats and productions to the fore. But also to present the other services of the company founded in Bremen. The aim was to convey the feeling that »the sendefähig« is more than just its best-known product, Y-Kollektiv.

Visually kept mostly simple b/w, the game with cubes and cuboids runs through navigation, CTA and playful jewelry elements. In the footer as a red thread but also used to give each detail page a showreel, without »just« integrating a player.

For all its simplicity, it is these details that make the site an experience. See also the team page for self-discovery in selfie mode.

We implemented the project in Webflow. A system predestined for the efficient further development of the website in the future. After the very well commented pilot we are curious if there will be further episodes.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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