Without content, the most beautiful vessel is of little use.

Content is the heart of every communication measure, because it connects a brand or institution with the needs of the addressees. We therefore develop content with the aim of sending clear messages that are read, seen and heard. Accordingly, we will be brief at this point, but recommend a visit to this special page on the topic.


Communication through content.

Content also needs to be created.

When it comes to content, the internal and external perspectives are often far apart.

Here it is important to combine the perspective of the user with the communication goal of the sender.

The following applies in principle:

  • Finding the right tone
  • the content must be relevant (from the point of view of the user groups)
  • the right quantity, do not overload, rather less in high quality
  • Plan for different levels of detail
  • Use different formats (text, image, video, infographics)
  • what is good for users is good for SEO

Without strategy, content is just »dust in the wind«.

Appealing content needs the right framework.

With project-specific strategies, processes are defined in which business goals and user:inside needs are combined and implemented in communication measures and actions - so that their successes are measurable.

Our process:

  • Content audit
  • Content marketing
  • Content creation and production
  • Content Distribution

Content must be orchestrated.

Messages are only successful if they are released in the right place at the right time.

Precise coordination and well thought-out content as well as technical management are therefore crucial to achieving the set communication goals.

Our focus here:

  • Construction and initial filling of websites
  • Manage image, video and text content
  • Editorial support
  • SEO
  • Publishing
  • Controlling

How often have we actually used the word content on this page?

Depending on how we count and whether we count headings and pop-up content ... English and German together ... probably too often. On the other hand, perhaps the magic of repetition takes hold and so it may even stick that content is simply important to us.