Against language barriers in kindergarten

Communication between parents and educational staff who do not speak the same language is often difficult. The app dolki facilitates communication here. We provided the concept, design and technical implementation.

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In everyday communication between daycare staff and parents, knowledge of German or a foreign language is often a hurdle. For frequent dialogues, an Android app is designed to support communication between all parties with the help of ready-made sentences, but not to replace verbal communication. The prefabricated sentences are made available in seven languages as text or audio ( ans also offline).

The description off the Play Store explains how it works:

Communication between parents and educational staff who do not
speak the same language is often difficult. dolki facilitates
communication and enables exchange.

From practice:
The blue group is going to the theatre tomorrow. If you are late, you can't go. Jacque's parents don't speak German. With the help of the dolki app, the nursery teacher sends Jacque's parents the following message in French: »Please bring your child at this time: tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.«

Maria is sick. The father wants to let the nursery know. He does not speak
German. With dolki he selects the right message in his mother tongue
and sends it as a text message to the day-care centre mobile phone: »My child is sick.«

dolki does not replace conversation, but it can be used to convey simple messages for everyday day-care centre life. When communication falters, dolki can help and help avoid misunderstandings.
People who cannot read simply listen to the messages.

dolki offers phrases from the categories »The child is sick", »Bring & pick up", »Family«, »Attention! Don't forget« and »In the children's group« in German, French, English, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi and Pashto.

dolki is free, ad-free and can be used offline.

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