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We designed the first issue of the German customer magazine »H20« for LAUFEN Bathrooms and delivered an entertaining issue including a hectic final production with many extra miles.

Henkelhiedl designed the »H2O magazine« from LAUFEN. The picture of the magazine was taken at LAUFEN SPACE BERLIN and shows three magazines on the shelf.
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Lots of variety and a high standard of page design - Each double-page spread and themed section has its own look.
LAUFEN »H2O Magazine« on the shelf at LAUFEN SPACE Berlin.

Our customer Laufen Bathrooms, for whom we otherwise work »globally«, asked for our support for the German department. A German version of the Swiss customer magazine »H20« was to be produced with a new layout and different topics at a large B2B trade fair. What was originally supposed to be a quick derivative and a bit of layout turned out to be more and more complex. At the very end, our entire editorial team stepped in at short notice, and the fact that we ourselves had already collected image material and some text knowledge over the period of our collaboration also made it possible to complete the project on time. The cooperation between our designer and the person responsible for the project at LAUFEN was very close, often with several phone calls a day.

Now we have a beautifully designed and informative customer magazine that invites you to leaf through it, let the beautiful images and text blocks take effect, or read it in depth.

Unlike websites, where every mistake can still be changed, everything had to be just right for the final artwork. It did and in the end everyone thinks the stress was worth it and it was also fun to produce a print product again.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Uwe Viehmann will be happy to help.
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In the course of the project, the original layout task became design, conception, editing and text.
LAUFEN »H2O Magazine« on the shelf at LAUFEN SPACE Berlin.

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