Impact space for award-winning building projects

More radiance and design freedom for the presentation of the projects, without forgetting quick access to the important information.

Facade view of the Concrete Nose project by Gruber and Popp
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Gruber + Popp, an architectural practice with offices in Munich and Berlin, describe »dealing with the wishes of our clients« as the »central driving force behind our work«.

We see it the same way - with reference to our customers. Accordingly, we worked closely with the two owners on the concept and design of the website. We programmed the site on the basis of Wordpress.

The challenge in relaunching the website was to give the building projects more radiance, but at the same time not to lose sight of the other information about the office. A classic menu? There is no need for it and it does not exist.

We solved this with a vertical two-thirds division of the page: on the left, the projects, finally with large-format photos, sortable via icons, depending on the usage situation. On the right, the office information with a focus on the research and publication activities of the two founders.

Finally, on the project detail pages, the building projects shine in all their glory. Now displayed in full screen, the projects are given enough space to take effect. And with more freedom in the arrangement and scaling of texts and images, each individual project takes on a very unique character.

The result? A site that works and that is worth seeing. We think so - and all together.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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