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INTLAB is a Swiss start-up in the field of personalized precision medicine. The two founders, Dr. Kai Heib and Dr. Dietrich Hatz, and their team have been working since 2014 to bring the constantly growing possibilities of pharmacogenetics into clinical application.

Pharmacogenetics deals with the question of how a person's genes influence their reaction to medication. Tests can be carried out before treatment to determine whether a patient has a genetic predisposition to fear that a certain active ingredient will have severe side effects - or may not work at all.

INTLAB has developed an expert system called SONOGEN. It evaluates these pharmacogenetic tests and makes the results available to the experts involved - from laboratory partners to doctors, clinics and health insurance companies.

A professional website is needed to reach these target groups. This is where we came in.

In workshops, we first worked out the core of what the site should communicate.

The website concept was created on this basis. Our design team developed a look and feel at the same time and implemented it directly in the Webflow content management system - without any complex programming, as Webflow does this automatically. The editorial team contributed texts that had to be medically and technically correct and yet easy to understand.

In just a few weeks, a website was created that meets all professional requirements and, with its look and subtle animations, also stands out aesthetically from comparable companies in the healthcare sector.

Another example of what is possible with Webflow, our "expert system" with which we implement small and medium-sized projects quickly and professionally.

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