May 2024

Our projects - The magic is always in the detail

This article is about the small details that are important to us in projects of all sizes. For many people, the devil is in the detail, but it usually means a lot of work. However, Theodor Fontane was not the only one who knew that this is also where the magic lies. Here is an overview of the big details from our projects in recent months.

Dual brand design

New logo, new content strategy, new website via Shopify ... our relaunch of BARTMANN as a brand is still very fresh. The detail here: BARTMANN stands for contrasts: Products such as chairs, tables, kitchens and beds are manufactured by hand in series, but at the same time the carpenters/joiners from Berlin-Tempelhof also take on completely individual orders for cupboards, kitchens, entire interior fittings, etc. - professionally, but always approachable and personal. From now on, we also want to live out this dual harmony in text and images. It's not just about opposites, but complementary building blocks. "In the visual language, we never just show products, but also the individuals who make them." And for the text: "We are always both factual and emotional."

You can read more about the project here

Number games

FU24BA7L - pronounced soccer twenty-four-seven - is a festival for soccer culture that is currently taking place in Cologne. 24 events at 7 locations in the run-up to the European Championship. Hence the name and hence the idea that all backgrounds on advertising materials, but above all on the website, are not just wild, colorful patterns, but sections of the overlapping numbers 2, 4 and 7 - digitally partly animated. Behind the scenes!

You can read more about the project here

There's something going on

This museum is not just about airship travel. It is also home to a permanent art collection and there is an annual temporary exhibition on a specific topic such as crypto, the future or the boundaries of statehood. The next special exhibition starts on May 17, this time on the subject of gaming, with the title: "Choose Your Player". A lot is happening in Friedrichshafen. And that's exactly why our detail here is a supposedly harmless element in the main navigation, as an answer to the question "What's going on today?". And as a bonus, we would like to point out the great little survey tool that not only familiarizes users with the exhibition content, but also generates valuable insights. By the way: PAGE Online also recently wrote a few nice words about the project.

You can read more about the project here

Always on the move

In the Berlin Global Village (BGV), the Berlin One World Center, around 50 development policy and migrant-diaspora associations and initiatives work on various issues of global justice, sustainability and diversity. A place of constant change. We wanted to express this in our relaunch by using patterns based on movement through waveforms, among other things. In a current project, "Dekoloniales Denkzeichen", a global art competition, we have instead opted for angular elements and a distorted font.

You can read more about the project here


An extensive project for Celver, the "specialist for management and IT processes": the corporate design was reinvented, website structures tidied up and a lot of hard work put into content. But the relaunch also took place under the hood. We opted for Webflow as a tool, which of course can handle even a very extensive site. We integrated Hubspot as the CRM. Calendly makes booking appointments easy. A seamless Recruitee integration takes care of job postings. And with Weglot, we have integrated a tool that takes care of translation management - including SEO optimization - in an initially automated but wonderfully easy-to-edit way. Long live the interface!

You can read more about the project here

Making SEO visible

rankingfusions is an agency from Berlin that specializes in search engine optimization. For the relaunch, we didn't just do our homework and built an extremely SEO-optimized site in Webflow that still has its visual charms. (700% increase in visibility!) As in every project, there is a special detail here too. A button on the home page, called "HTML", shows an abstract version of the home page when pressed, as if you were "looking into the code", and then uses short texts to explain everything that needs to be considered when talking about SEO. We wanted to: Make the invisible visible.

You can read more about the project here

Artificial cultural heritage intelligence

We win a tender from the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and help to make intangible cultural heritage (IKE) understandable in museum4punkt0. And that's where we already had the problem. How do you make the supposedly invisible visible for many, many projects? Without resorting to boring stock images? Without getting into endless rounds of coordination with the many people involved? Our answer was: artificial intelligence - who can argue with that! Wink face. Our art lay in formulating creative search queries, so-called "prompts", and revising the surprising results that were delivered, sometimes more and sometimes less. More than just a detail.

You can read more about the project here

Focus on reflections

In recent months and years, we have developed an entire "website family" with four individual pages for the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation. A special and particularly large project, which we would like to pay full tribute to elsewhere. Of course, there are also a lot of details to discover here. For example: There are very extensive articles in the digital magazine called Reflections. In addition, the "magazine-like" design provides for "fluttering" text sections. In order to support reading, also in terms of accessibility, we have integrated a so-called reading line that grows with the reader(here is an example), which helps to keep the focus and overview in the reading flow, especially on large monitors.

You can read more about the project here

Content in motion

Writerlino is a content marketing agency. The Swiss team already had a new corporate design and a rough concept idea for the relaunch in Webflow. Nevertheless, we provided structural and design support in many areas, but above all we built a great animation that works on the web (on large viewports). It combines the claim, name and logo and leads wonderfully into the content.

You can read more about the project here

Design, as diverse as the world

Haus der Kulturen der Welt has diversity and collaboration in its DNA. The website for such an ambitious program and project cannot have a single, static design. That was our point of view. So we developed an algorithm that constantly reassembles elements such as colors, fonts and shapes on the website every hour. The design is therefore never finished and is always different. Even better: the pool of properties can be constantly expanded. A designer from Asia determines a new color, someone from Africa a new font, and so on. The end result is a design from the world for the world. And yet completely barrier-free. By the way, this coincidence can also be triggered via a text prompt. So a song title or a quote could be responsible for the next design. Awww.

You can read more about the project here

See with your ears

The agency with the eye-catching name KLINGKLANGKLONG specializes in audio. "We are a creative studio for composing sound and code for sonic experiences." And they do that very well. Which is why this relaunch was also a special website. A great detail: We have integrated an individual player based on Vimeo into the wonderfully prepared references. If the user - for whatever reason - only switches the sound off (i.e. to mute), the video automatically switches from color to black and white mode. Because without audio, video is no longer really king.

We are happy to do it

Anyone who has actually made it this far after this firework display of work and is now thinking that I/we also need to ... go ahead.

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We have not yet documented the Klong project on our website, so there is no "learn more". It may happen, but we'll make up for it. Future updates will certainly also be in our next newsletter, as this is already in the works, will be a special on our hobbyhorse topic of accessibility and is definitely worthwhile. The same certainly applies to our recently revived Instagram channel. And who knows, maybe we'll even post something on LinkedIn again.

The magic is always in the next surprise!

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