January 2022

Partnerships - We are many

Collage with pictures of the following article about HENKELHIEDL's partnerships with CareerPeakr, Sendefähig, Tshakka, Prepublic and Sozialheld:innen

Network, community, structures, cooperations... there are many words for teamwork, let's call it partnerships today. The word becomes interesting, when we add the poles of friendship and passion - and work, of course.

Alone we are nothing. All of us. This may hopefully be asserted without contradiction. Not only in difficult times, but then especially. »A life without a partner... is extremely difficult to imagine. That my weaknesses are compensated for, by others, and my strengths can compensate for the weaknesses of others... that has always given me the most. You'll never walk alone - and that says it all«. This is the wording of an omnipresent advertisement with an eloquent football coach as the protagonist. It is precisely this balancing, the win-win, as the buzzword professionals say, that we want to talk about here today. Accordingly, we would like to say a little more at this point about our partnerships with:

  • CareerPeakr
  • Sendefähig
  • Tshakka
  • Prepublic
  • Sozialheld:innen

Matchmaker made in heaven

The CareerPeakr team in May 2021
The CareerPeakr team in May 2021

It has been many years since we had to expand our premises in Urbanstraße. An old workshop became available in our backyard. A huge room. Ideal for holding meetings or workshops, as well as for setting up more workstations. But at the time it was a bit too big with its additional two offices. So we looked into the subject of subletting. Enter CAREERPEAKR »the matchmaker for the new world of work«. »We bring candidates and companies together that are a real match. Career and personnel consulting 4.0 made in Berlin«. is the current self-description. Sounds interesting, and it is. A stroke of luck, as it turned out. Not only do we get along well with the team, like »the product«, we also started working together at some point.

»One and one make three. I can't describe it any shorter,« says Managing Director Holger Huff when asked about partnerships, and he is right. Soon the cooperation was more than just sharing coffee costs and the WLAN. »HENKELHIEDL is simply fun. Whether as a landlord, playing foosball - we're getting better all the time - or as a service provider. Since we transferred our design to the responsibility of HENKELHIEDL, our external appearance has changed 180° for the better. We also get this reflected by countless applicants and employers.» Boom. That's the way it has to be. Thanks for the praise!

By the way, Holger & Co moved out of our house a few days ago. No need to get sentimental. Their new main entrance is opposite ours, so CareerPeakr will remain at Urbanhof. Our doors are still open. See you - at least in the stairwell, courtyard, at the foosball table or in work meetings! (By the way, they didn't take the dog - hello Snicky - with them, he was just borrowed from us. Sorry for the disenchantment Holger, we owe that to food machine Arne).

The Why Not Collective

The three managing directors of Sendefähig Manuel Möglich, Christian Tipke and Dennis Leiffels
The three managing directors of Sendefähig

Subletting and workshop... a bargain to introduce SENDEFÄHIG . However, they are not the direct successor of CareerPeakr, that would be too easy. Last summer, we decided to join forces with them in terms of office space. The production company specialising in journalistic content for video content with high standards, headquartered in Bremen, was looking for a new location for their office in the capital that was as flexible as possible – and in the meantime a few shoots have even taken place: check. And we have finally decided »thanks to the pandemic« to make location-independent work the essence of our work self-image – so we have more than enough space in our everyday lives (even if Corona will only be a nightmarish memory): check. But what do Sendefähig do anyway? »We've often been told: journalism doesn't work on YouTube. For five years now, we have been proving the opposite with the Y-Kollektiv and reaching a lot of people (200 million views) – in the meantime our documentaries and reports are also available on Netflix, arte or the main programme of Das Erste. Telling stories differently, that's what we're into,« says Manuel Möglich, one of the three managing directors, forgetting to mention, quite understatement, not only the mass, but also the (rightly) award-winning class of their contributions.

In any case, we are very happy about this collegial and very exciting addition to our (currently unfortunately very reduced) daily office routine. Doing things, having good ideas, »messing around«... we would like to do that much more often on site. But collaboration is also possible digitally. »A good partnership is always a great enrichment in all areas«, says Möglich. Accordingly, it didn't take half a year until we had our first joint project. More about that in the next section. But how did we actually come together, Manuel? »Many years ago, my old friend Uwe Viehmann made it possible for me to read from my first book, in front of real people for the very first time, in the workshop of HENKELHIED , before my first reading tour. Since no one left early that evening, I am quite biased. Let me put it this way: I really like coming to our office. Team #henkelfaehig.« We used to call these events workshop talks. We miss them at the moment, look forward to a continuation as soon as possible and are glad that Sendefähig will be a part of us until then.

Supervised streaming

The Tshakka logo
The Tshakka logo

Sometimes the wide world is wonderfully small and very close, even with a mask over your mouth and nose – chance is a master of dramaturgy. At the falafel shop around the corner we heard about TSHAKKA. »We offer 'supervised streaming'. Individual solutions from players to ticketing to separately created landing pages,« was the solution we developed together. Because the coincidental encounter turned into a joint project. Which makes sense, because the Tshakka team consists of a lot of expertise: backend development, booking and live production, as well as excellent know-how in content delivery networks (CDN). »For us, HENKELHIEDL was the missing piece of the puzzle: brand, communication, conception, design and frontend expertise... that's exactly what we were looking for and then we immediately started working together«, says managing director Andreas Fleck.

How fitting that one of the first projects was a collaboration with Sendefähig – we remember, see above – which in Bremen, with Club100, set up a streaming project for difficult times at Pier2, funded by the state, with sensational production. This is just one example of many projects that will be interwoven with partners in the future. Toitoitoi. Tshakka, meanwhile, means 'start-up with thought', the further development of the many ideas around white-label services and interactive live broadcasts. »Your stream is yours, but we'll take care of it.« Because even if it eventually rains vaccine: Streaming will forever be a part of the moving image communications portfolio. Tshakka!

»Digital Products Made with Love«

The Prepublic logo
The Prepublic logo

»We are software developers. We build systems to make information more accessible, functional and delightful for people. Our customers take the first or the next step in digitalisation with us.« So says Jan Hölz, founder, driven and managing director of PREPUBLIC. And for a second, that sounds like... us. But in the next, magic comes into play: friendship. You've known each other for a long time, you've always liked each other, you exchange ideas in an uncomplicated and regular way. We help out with project management power and with programming woman power. Prepublic with their incredible app expertise, their own network and the eternal search for the next, goal-oriented, digital step. "Our partnerships with other people or groups have grown. You've started working together, continued that over many projects and then happily realise all over again that there's no reason to change that." A clarity that I hope never disappoints and is at the heart of the content of this post. Having been in the business for a very long time, Jan also knows how to classify our collaboration in concrete terms: »HENKELHIEDL are, like us, 'digital natives', and have held their own in a market that is always undergoing incredible changes. You know where you come from and you always find each other.« The last, very special year has seen big changes not only in how and where we all work, but also with whom and, most importantly, how intensely. We are very pleased to have reached the highest level of network intensity with Prepublic. As with all the partners mentioned here.

Keep going, keep going!

Team Sozialheld:innen
Team Sozialheld:innen

For the longest time this has been true for... the SOZIALHELD:INNENwhich we hope we won't have to introduce separately at this point. For many, many years, we have had the honour of supporting the collective around Raul Krauthausen in »Just do it«. »We have been working on solutions for more participation and accessibility for over 15 years. We see ourselves as constructive activists who use modern communication and technology to work for a better world for everyone.« That says it all.

Did we ever tell you that one of our developers and Raul have known each other since the toddler group? No? Then let's do it now. That's all we can do. Or is it? »HENKELHIEDL is reliable, professional and, above all, human. We need such partners for our effective non-profit work,« says Jonas Deister.

Not least based on these cornerstones, we jointly launched the BrokenLifts.org platform a few years ago - »a landing page where users who depend on lifts could see the respective functional status of the 400 or so lifts at Berlin's underground and suburban railway stations«. The whole story can be read here. A wonderful idea from Sozialhelden, a stroke of luck of meaningful implementation work for us.

With tvfueralle.de we have been working on another joint project for quite some time - documented here. The browser-based application makes it easier for people who need subtitles or audio description to search for and find suitable programmes on German television. The cooperation partners are the media institutions ARD and ZDF and the association of private television broadcasters VAUNET. Now it is time to take the next step.


In the course of revising the website, we also added the term partnerships as a filter of our projects. With only several collaborations already, we should actually also report on the collaboration with Schröder+Schömbs PR. But there is also news about the existing ones. We'll catch up on that when the opportunity arises.


In summary: We are many, but never enough.

Until then, here's to all those to come and more: partnerships.

  • CareerPeakr: win
  • Sendefähig: win
  • Tshakka: win
  • Prepublic: win
  • Sozialheld:innen: win

Win-ke, win-ke. (As in bye-bye.)

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