Content & Editing

How does a brand communicate holistically? What content, values and emotions determine its communication in content marketing?

Making brands come alive through stories requires a clear strategy, a consistent concept and a good team for selecting, writing, photographing and packaging in the respective channels. This is where HENKELHIEDL can help as an agency.

Content is at the heart of all customer communication. Good content not only demonstrates competence, but also builds a relationship, creates trust, and raises the company's own profile. As much as all of our customers - whether they are in industry, SMEs or public institutions - agree on this point, we experience time and again how difficult it is for them to fully exploit the potential of content. Good content communication requires a clear strategy and considerable RESOURCES for implementation: TIME, BUDGET, PERSONNEL with correspondingly broad skills, SOFTWARE and also up-to-date KNOW-HOW.

Content strategy

Content strategy at HENKELHIEDL
  • Location & target determination, target group analysis
  • Personnel, touchpoints and traffic analyses, etc.
  • Content audit
  • Channel & Conversion Determination
  • Editorial planning
  • Catalog of topics
  • Content structure
  • Tonality & Storylines
  • Image & video concept

Content production

Content production at HENKELHIEDL
  • Content research
  • Text creation with journalistic background / SEO
  • Content "portioning": thematically, temporally or platform-linked
  • Infographic design
  • Picture editor
  • Photo shoot, video and podcast production

Content service

Content service at HEKELHIEDL
  • CMS administration and optimized maintenance in the respective customer CMS
  • Design of content within the framework of CMS systems
  • Initial filling or content migration
  • SEO Implementation
  • Implementation of the accessibility
  • Editorial workflows
  • CMS Trainings & Workshops
  • Editorial manuals & how-to tutorials

Content monitoring

Content monitoring for HENKELHIEDL
  • Quality control in live operation
  • Content reviews (success control)
  • Monitoring, tracking and A-B testing
  • SEO monitoring and recommendations
  • Editorial project management for cross-channel communication (interaction management)

Service packages

No time? No manpower or resources? No editorial know-how of your own?

Sparring package

Ideal for revising existing content and placing new content. For a breath of fresh air on all channels.

Own contribution
Content management
Own contribution

CMS Package

Our support for all marketing activities. We take care of the placement and playout of content on all channels.

Own contribution
Content management

Content package

The content booster for websites and all other channels. We take care of text, graphics, images, video and more.

Content management
Own contribution

Full Service Package

Assign, brief and sit back. We take care of the right content, played out on all desired channels.

Content management

Let's talk about good content in person:

Where have we helped brands communicate holistically? Stories made tangible, i.e. conceived, written, photographed, filmed and also packaged and published in such a way that they can have an optimal impact in the intended channels?

Some examples:


DB SCHENKER: Here to move

While DB Schenker transports goods around the world, we make sure that the right content gets to the right place on the website in the right time: HENKELHIEDL takes care of content management and the entire online editing for Schenker AG's global website.
New magazine articles about changed transport conditions, a new company division or even just a change in a telephone number: Every day, such tasks pass through our ticket system and are implemented and published by us in coordination with the marketing team or specialist departments.

More than just copy and paste: from keyword research to writing, image creation and selection, and the incorporation of all content and assets into the CoreMedia CMS system, we ensure maximum output of the "company stories" to the outside world. And if 76 country sites need to be relaunched in just three months, we can do it.

With a sophisticated training program, we stocked up our CMS team and migrated or filled all small and large DB Schenker websites around the globe. Organized with a steadfast Jira workflow, no site was lost.

BARMER: Welcome to Germany

For students and employees from non-EU countries, BARMER Krankenkasse has commissioned a seven-part newsletter series with the most important news at the start. We contributed all topics, texts and images.
Newcomers to Germany need orientation, friends and reliable partners. This conviction gave rise to the idea at BARMER to set up a special "Welcome Year Newsletter" for students and young employees from non-EU countries, which accompanies the newcomers for a year.

The result - packed into seven issues - is an informative mix on topics such as the electronic health card, general practitioners and specialists, emergency numbers or early detection and prevention - but also all about Germany, its regions, landscapes, weather zones, cultures, peculiarities, dialects ...

All in English, low-threshold and very entertaining. And of course designed strictly according to the BARMER CD style guide. We were allowed to accompany this special "customer service project" from the conception on and were responsible for topics, dramaturgy, interview partners and all texts.
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LAUFEN Bathrooms: S-M-L-XXXL

For the traditional company LAUFEN, a high-quality sanitary manufacturer based in Switzerland, we have been taking on content tasks of almost any size for several years.
The spectrum here ranges from regular support of the news and social media channels in several languages to the conception and creation of topic-related microsites to the development of an overall content strategy for the company that systematically covers the most diverse target groups and all product areas.

Strategic consulting and hands-on content creation intertwine directly in this customer project and guarantee the up-to-date and coherent communication of this internationally active company on all its channels.
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RITTAL: Control cabinet systems set in scene

The globally active manufacturer of enclosure systems positions itself at the interface of industry and IT. Rittal supports control and switchgear manufacturers as well as data center planners in the digital transformation.
With the relaunch of the website, which we supported both technically and in terms of design, the foundation was laid for convenient editorial work. With Magnolia as the CMS, we configured components in such a way that the editors' daily work was not made unnecessarily complex by codes or settings.

This was for our own benefit, because our content management team also took care of the initial migration of the page content, especially the extensive product catalog.

50 country pages also want to look good. Our editorial advice and fine-tuning in the CMS thus give the websites the right polish.
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The Brandenburg State Road Administration (LSB) plans, builds and operates the road network in the state of Brandenburg. In addition, providing information is an important part of its mission. We have made the website easier to understand.
User-centeredness was at the forefront of the content project. In weekly editorial conferences, we took turns working with
representatives from around 10 specialist groups at the state office. Different target group requirements, from citizens to construction planning and architecture offices, to companies, authorities and media representatives, were taken into account and the 250 or so pages of the old website were adapted or rewritten.

Our content team coordinated the numerous deadlines and work packages, and our proven ticket workflow ensured an overview at all times.

And much more content & editorial formats