March 2022

CoreMedia - Professionals with over 10 years of experience

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Websites with a lot of content, different languages and country-specific requirements need a system and editors who can keep track of everything. We can do that.

We have over ten years of experience in the conception, development, maintenance and editorial support of websites with CoreMedia, the Enterprise Content Management solution (ECM). Therefore, we know that anyone who moves a lot of content into different playout processes must also be able to build, maintain and edit it.

Particularly for website requirements such as high content volume, multilingualism and playout of content in numerous countries, including translation workflow, CoreMedia offers a stable and reliable option. And we can handle it.

Our services with CoreMedia include:

  • concept and advice
  • editorial
  • processes (relaunch/migration)
  • art direction/media design
  • texts
  • programming
  • CMS trainings

Our Work With CoreMedia

In a large CMS like CoreMedia, you have to know your way around in order to find and combine content and modules quickly. Among other things, content is reworked, supplemented, corrected or optimised by us.

Our most common tasks:

  • posting content (text, image, video, contacts, links, downloads)
  • corrections of content (text, image, video, contacts, links, downloads)  
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • installation of new areas with different modules and contents
  • content editorial planning/topic planning
  • text suggestions and optimisations
  • publication of time-sensitive content (press releases, legal information)
  • image selection and editing
  • linking and defining different language versions
  • translation coordination
  • coordination of content and release processes (international, with specialist departments)
  • relaunch and migration to newer CoreMedia versions

Websites should be regularly updated or content migrated to newer CoreMedia versions. Relaunching or migrating large and complex sites is a particular challenge.

For example, at one of our customers we manage over 70 different country presences in one system. We have installed good workflows for this, where we always have versions, deadlines and processes in our view and implement them efficiently.

Parts of the workflow:

  • timing
  • resource planning
  • editorial schedule
  • content procurement
  • construction and relocation
  • translations
  • folder structures
  • preview and release processes
  • quality control
  • trainings

conception, optimisation and visualisation with CoreMedia

Changing or adapting existing content is one thing. We do that quickly and easily. But we are particularly good and happy to get the best out of the CMS by reassembling and adapting modules and optimising them for editorial work.

So we not only take care of the continuous maintenance of existing content, but also redesign entire areas. In doing so, we draw on the full expertise that we possess as a visual communication agency. This means that we optimise the visual appearance and the communicative content.

When designing new areas, long-term planning should be made in order to be able to work easily and efficiently later on. Through our daily experience in editorial work, we know how content must be set up so that it can be well maintained later.

Consulting and training

We regularly act as sparring partners for programmers and agencies at home and abroad who want to work with CoreMedia. In addition, we train our own CMS editors on an ongoing basis in order to continually expand our knowledge.

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