Andreas Henkel


Andreas Henkel is the managing director and one of the two namesakes of HENKELHIEDL.  

He describes the agency as »a living entity with its own dynamic that keeps me on my toes and fascinates me again and again«. The office is clearly »his thing«, and the projects are as much a matter of the heart as the staff and clients who share this thing with him.

The exchange at eye level with other people inspires and drives him. Space is not a luxury, but an important working condition - in the form of space in the office, creativity and room to manoeuvre in the mind. Andreas is curious, loves variety. Likes to try things out. This led, among other things, to a furniture collection, his own diving magazine, the co-founding of the streaming platform Tshakka and, most recently, to the »Art-Work-Space« GE59.

Common to all these projects are the design claim, the pursuit of evolution, added value and enthusiasm.

This approach secured the agency 15th place in the Page Digital Ranking 2014. Today, however, HENKELHIEDL no longer submits work to competitions; the recognition of good work by clients and users is now more important to Andreas than that of the creative agency scene.

He studied communication design in Munich. At that time, he was already working as a freelancer for a well-known multimedia agency, designing interfaces for CD-ROMs and touchscreen terminals. After graduating in 1996, he started working directly on larger web projects as art director at Elephant Seven in Hamburg and from 1999 onwards in Berlin as creative director at Pixelpark.

And since 2003... see above.



»Doing this and how I do it makes my happy.«