March 2022

We/Here - Our new New Website

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»Evolution is the core of our work« is the essence of our vision. To continue where others stop. So this applies not only to our corporate design, but even more so to the most important flagship of it: this website.

After we not only got a new corporate design but also a new website around the turn of the year 20/21, it was time to take the next step a few weeks ago. For the reason mentioned in the introduction, but also because was the very first project that we once implemented with Webflow. In the following months, we learned a lot and wanted to apply this knowledge.

Continuous development... take seriously what we preach: A website is a process, not a project - it is never finished.

Although the core of some elements and modules has been retained, everything is fundamentally different. A further development that resembles a relaunch. Here are a few examples that deserve to be mentioned.

Screenshot of the header of the revision of

The start page is now a classic best-of of the main menu items, but not without small special features. Example: How often have you seen the entire team presented on the start page of a company after only a few "scroll metres"? We would definitely like this to be understood as a statement for our great team.

In »About Us« we tell the story of the possible forms of cooperation, what makes our trades tick and everything has become a little more narrative, detailed and pictorial overall. Of course, this is not without being hawkish and yet not fulfilling classic clichés. Let's hope.

Projects can now be filtered according to selected expertise in implementation. Otherwise, the works still speak for themselves.

Most recently, we communicated stories mainly via newsletters. From now on, there is also a place for them on this website. Under »Topics« we collect current news - like the ones you are reading right now - as well as articles under the keyword »Worth knowing«, e.g. about accessibility or CoreMedia.

Are they serious? Yes. Our navigation does not follow the usual principles of common UX/UI folk high school courses. We also ignore the classic Home. Instead, the whole menu is always hidden behind our logo/symbol. Why? To let the respective contents speak in an even more reduced way and also because this very menu is completely visible (and expanded) at the bottom of every page. A variation of our love for the most underestimated component of a website: the footer.

Of course, there are also new things to discover on many other pages. Some will be added later, because we have already prepared a lot under the bonnet for future developments. Some right now, e.g. our new, great trade posters (from left to right: content, design, development, conception, project management, strategy).

Posters for each trade from HENKELHIEDL

To be continued ...

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