May 2021

Projects - Labour Month

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The first day of May is also called »Labour Day«. On the last day of the merry month, we report, appropriately enough, on the results of our work over the last few weeks.

First a request

A few weeks ago, Facebook removed our page. Nobody knows why. Certainly not because of unpleasant postings, we did not publish news there for a long time. Possibly because of that? Getting information is of course impossible. Stupid. Anyway. We don't give up and promise to be more active, but not hyperactive. Re-Like?
HENKELHIEDL on FB - now new as old!

In keeping with the new beginning, we are going public with a fresh project: GE59. An »Art-Work-Space« for views, exchange and opportunities. For art and coffee. For readings, lectures, discussions. One space. Actually two. With an option for three. A lot of open inside, a little outside. Compact, but expansively flexible. There will be a lot to talk about, we have a lot planned. It all starts on 11 June. More very soon here:
GE59 on FB - now brand new!

Thank you!

But now: Proof of work!

Open-minded bathroom

The new edition of the Kartell bathroom collection by Laufen is accompanied by an eye-catching campaign with its own microsite - beautiful, high-quality and unusual.

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The well-tempered platform

Three festivals with hundreds of artists will take place at ten locations, collected on the streaming platform »Bach From Home«. We contributed conception, design and technical implementation.

The project

One vision, many missions

The Miller-Zillmer Foundation supports audio-visual art and socio-cultural projects in the fields of music, photography and film. These are mostly documented via microsites, which we take care of.

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Tailor-made explanations

A new microsite for the bathroom manufacturer LAUFEN offers a fitting introduction to the programme LAUFEN BESPOKE. We took care of the conception, design, programming and editing.

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Go With The Webflow

For some time now, we have been increasingly relying on Webflow for the implementation of smaller and medium-sized website projects. With great success and growing interest on the part of our customers. Here are a few examples.

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In the beginning there was an Excel sheet

We are building a website that shows where sustainable economic policy is being made in Europe. All it takes is an Excel spreadsheet from the Wuppertal Institute, a Webflow licence and our design expertise.

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