Lift driving made easy reports defective lifts in Berlin's public transport system – a project by Sozialhelden e.V., Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg and Henkelhiedl.

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Lift broken? Brokenlifts informs in real time! on a smartphone

Defective lifts at stations are a big problem for people who depend on wheelchairs and walking aids, but also for families with prams. That's why it's important to find out about sudden breakdowns in good time. Of course, complex machines like lifts can break down occasionally. Vandalism does the rest.

For this reason, BrokenLifts was created – a project of the association SOZIALHELDEN and the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg in cooperation with us for the automated visualisation of lift failures in public transport in Berlin.

As a database, the lift malfunction information of the Berlin S-Bahn and the BVG is retrieved, analysed and bundled every quarter of an hour. The project is committed to the open source idea.

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An open source project with high utility value.

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