July 2022

Project update - Leisure time is everywhere

A drinking bottle photographed in a web of ropes against an evening sky

In 2021 - in cooperation with Schröder + Schömbs PR - we gave the »Klarna Trendreport« a home on the Internet. Very successful. Part 02 will follow in the summer of 2022.

Of course, we already dedicated a separate article to the project back then. Now, in issue 02 with the topic »Leisure«, there are some innovations on our part, such as the use of great Lottie animations, optimized for desktop and mobile, but to create another project for that? The eternal question for long-term projects.

We take the opportunity this time to go into the content at this point. On numbers. Because the data in the trend report - based on a YouGov survey and Klarna Insights - are in some cases quite astonishing. In the representative online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, a total of 2,136 people were interviewed at the end of March/beginning of April. »In addition, the Klarna Shopping Index was used for the Klarna Trend Report. This is based on the analysis of sales data of all products purchased via Klarna. All Klarna online purchases* in Germany and Austria, in the period Q2 2022 vs Q1 2020, were analyzed.«

Let's go.

  • 60 % of respondents said »reading« was their favorite pastime - read on, my dear.
  • 27 % of Gen Z are engaged in making music - more than any sport, for example, woohoo!
  • Spending on film cameras was up 549% and on paint-by-numbers up 377 % since Corona.
  • Yoga pants have increased with + 431 % - yoga belts »only« with + 114 % (whatever that is, author's note).
  • Attention, buckle up: Meditation CD's (CD's!) have recorded + 5282 % more sales (good for the soul, but a triple WTF allowed at this point).
  • Outdoors topped the list of favorite activities at 57 %, and 38 % said their favorite hobby was "being outdoors" (trekking shoes had a 598 % increase in sales).
  • And attention: repair kit for the bike... + 5118 %.
  • The sales increase of + 836 % for tennis shoes and + 1181 % for squash rackets (!?) seems almost incidental.
  • At home, the lawn mower (+ 726 %), watering cans (+ 678 %) and raised beds (+ 465 %) reign supreme.
  • It is rather questionable that the most popular means of travel in Germany and Austria is still the car (64%), that 34% still prefer the plane and that only 21% prefer the train - phew.

Enough with the consumer research. Let's finally get to the most important figures for an article on this page. After another update of klarna-trendreport.com, the popular Google Lighthouse Test once again shows the following fabulous values, which you are now welcome to compare with those on your own site - and if the results are worse, please contact us immediately so that we can change them.

Screenshots of the Google Lighthouse test of the site www.klarna-trenreport.com in which it achieves the top score of 100 in each section

We are counting on a Round 3, Klarna and Schröder & Schömbs PR.


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