Yellow, Beautiful, New!, the website of the rbb youth radio station, is moving to HTML5 and is being made younger and more beautiful in appearance and technology. Microphone
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Fritz, collage, red, white, black

Fritz has long been one of our favourite clients, with whom we have made projects such as »Fritz Dich«, »Fritzmas« and »bands.fritz« a success together in recent years.

As a youth station, Fritz often needs a visual refresh – which we are happy to do, of course.

In 2015, rbb was due to update its in-house CMS. As part of this, the broadcaster commissioned us to revise the website. We refreshed the design and implemented it directly in CSS.

For this were:

  • new icons developed.
  • the font »Bitter« was selected and used.
  • the overall design revised.
  • the responsive design is adapted and implemented for all device sizes.

Particularly successful from our point of view: the conversion of the timeline that previously existed in Flash to HTML5.

Do you have a similar project in mind or are you interested in more information about it? Then Andreas Henkel will be happy to help.
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Fritz, website, animation

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