September 2021

Reading - Sentences, VOCA BU LAR & The Tangerine Oracle

Pixelated screenshot of the Slack programme

What we have written to each other in the last 30 days (in excerpts), what to expect at GE59 in less than 30 days and what comes after that.

We use Slack for internal communication. Below is an excerpt of the more important messages from the last few weeks.

01 September 10:16 am
"Denny Eilert has joined #_buero."
Welcome to the team, Denny.

02 September 2:23 pm
»Leif Santoso Knobbe has joined #_buero
Welcome to the team, Leif.

03 September 11:47 am
»Will be in the office on Monday and Wednesday. Would of course be happy to meet one or the other 🙂 Heading out this afternoon and a bit excited to set foot on German soil again after 1.5 years . ⛴«
Eva is travelling to Berlin again for a pitch research (more on that later). She has been living in Sweden since the summer of 2018.

06 September 09:46
"🍞 Bread baking course registration started."
Tobi shares the Google Forms link for the registration form for the sourdough workshop. He knows his stuff.

07 September 10:50 am
»After the another microsite for another Space went live on Friday: Space Milan
At the beginning of August there was nothing. Well, really nothing. The Space was still a construction site, there were only sketches visualising what was to be built. The Space is located on THE street in Milan, Via Alessandro Manzoni, in a backyard. Based on the sparse info, @Gregor and @eva developed three different approaches. Laufen chose 'experience/perception', incorporating the themes of projection, illusion, reflection and blur.
A special feature is that the site will be regularly populated with new content analogous to the exhibitions taking place.
The last content before going live was on Sunday.
Everyone involved on the client side is more than thrilled! Once again a precision landing! Thank you very much for your terrific work!
Christiane reports on a new project that has seen the light of day.

07 September 10:52
»🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊Simultaneously(and linked to the site), Virtual Space for Laufen runvirtualspace.comhas gone online. This virtual space features products from the Kartell by Laufen collection. In collaboration with Annabelle Schneider, who created the collages for the individual exhibition spaces, @Marcus has put them into shape on a microsite and compiled them into a complete work.
The project also started with a request for advice to make Annabelle's idea more concrete. Consultation turned into implementation in Webflow. @Jannis also had a hand in helping with the tricky bits! Great work, thank you!

Christiane follows up.

07 September 10:55 am
»And completing the trio is this video created as a Brandmovie replacement for an award by Ma (Freelancer). @eva and @Christian set the tone here. Yeah, thanks to you! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾«
All good things come in threes. And there's more to come soon, I'm sure.

13 September 12:49
»Email bot: invitation: Finissage by Ellen Möckel, 16.09.2021, 17 Uhr«
Invitation to the closing of the exciting, great and first exhibition in GE59. Already subscribed to the newsletter?

14 September 12:34 pm
»Went to the bank for a moment 💸«
Even in 2021 cash is sometimes important.

14 September 13:43
»I have to leave at 16:15 today. A parents' 'evening'(!) is coming up. I've already done some work in advance. 👨💻«
Not only Tobi knows this: the famous text-time-of-day scissors.

September 20, 12:45 p.m.
»I wanted to quickly announce my working hours for September before things really get going for me in October . 😊Looking forward toit and see you then!«
Sarah announces that she will stay with us after her internship. Welcome!

20 September 15:25
»FYI: have to go to the office for a moment for the Pantone Bridge subjects«
A message from Christian, representative of the new (workplace) time, in which things from the old (workplace) world are still important too.

21 September 09:24
»Back in the office today including gallery shower test. Nice!«
Yes, we not only continue to have an office, but also a shower there. It's not in a gallery, though, but in our art-work space. The subtle difference. 🙃 You'll have to ask Michael for the story behind it. Either way: Be green with envy, rest of the world!

22 September 08:50
»Hello good morning! I have to skip the Wednesday round today because of Barmer and memorial deadlines - next week again 😎«
On Wednesday mornings we all just tell each other how we're doing via video link. A virtual coffee machine, so to speak. Instead, Jürgen is working for a new client today (Barmer) and on the fact that we may soon have a new one (Buchenwald Memorial Foundation).

23 September 15:11 h
»I'll make it short: Thank you for a great time! 💕 See you! (You'll find me in the museum!)«
Not often do people leave the office and team. But sometimes they do. Thank you for your dedication the last few years, Linn, we will miss you. All the best for the future!

27 September 09:36 a.m.
»The window cleaner has his back and will most likely not show up today.«
We'll still keep our eyes open.

27 September 10:30am
»I just announced it in Monday's round-up, here's the info again for everyone that I'm pregnant and expecting a baby in early April . 🤰«
Some news is just more awesome than others. Congrats!

28 September 11:03am
»WOOHOO, just got the call: we won the project! Winning against four agencies with aplomb! Hammer, I'm really happy, thanks to all involved!!!«
When dedication, commitment and excellent work is rewarded, not only Andi is happy. The pitch team Arne, Denny, Eva, Gregor, Ilja, Jürgen and Vici, oh, we are all looking forward to a great project together with the Buchenwald Memorials Foundation.

The picture shows a table with baking utensils in the rooms of GE59 resp. HENKELHIEDL

30 September 12.38
»As you can see, everything is being prepared for the bread workshop. Anyone not folding dough are welcome to come along around 20-20:30 and try a sample loaf. There will also be something to drink. 🍞🍷🍺«
Tobi is ready. So are we.

Srceenshot of the Schröder + Schömbs PR website, which was conceived, designed and programmed/implemented in Webflow by HENKELHIEDL .

30 September 16.22
»A special project for me. Quite a lot earlier I used to freelance for them.... A great team and the co-founder is a top guy. About this job came in the meantime with the very successful Klarna Trend Report and the technical realisation of Machenstiftung two more. It all feels like a partnership, more than just a job. I like that. In short: The relaunch of is online. 🙌»
Uwe is pleased to have successfully passed on agency website relaunch experiences with Webflow, that Gregor has conjured up a top website from it and that Sarah has contributed great collages.

Without date, at any time
»Alicia, Andi, Arne, Bärbl, Beatrix, Christian, Christiane, Christina, Denny, Eva, Gregor, Ilja, Ina, Jannis, Judith, Jurena, Jürgen, Karakoz, Laura, Leif, Madeleine, Marcus, Martin, Michael, Sabine, Sabrina, Sarah, Synke, Tobias, Uwe, Victoria, Yoshito»
Being mentioned directly above is due to coincidence and the editorial selection of news and projects finished in September. You all deserve a 🎉 and a mention.


untitled, ink, acrylic paint on canvas, 72x80cm, 2020

GE59 also means: After the exhibition is before the exhibition.

What is fascinating about the works of contemporary artist Erika Krause are the sometimes delicate lines from which multi-layered paintings emerge. In a playful process, immediate and quick gestures are found alongside a reflexive process with ever new approaches and decisions. Like a diary-like writing with abbreviations and pauses.

Erika Krause lives and works in Berlin.

1969 Born in Starnberg
1996 - 2003 Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Diploma
1999 Anniversary Scholarship from the City of Munich
2003 Debutant Prize, Bavarian State Promotion Prize, Annual Scholarship from the Bavarian Higher Education and Science Programme
2004 Project Scholarship from the Erwin and Gisela von Steiner Foundation
2006 Project Scholarship from the City of Munich

And who better to describe her work than the artist herself:

»Drawing, an approach to the world.
'My diary is an Excel List' a friend of mine said.
Abbreviations and codes together with growing and metamorphosing lines. Through drawing to painting to cutting. In the sense of "écriture automatique" working spontaneously with movement through hand and body. It is at the same time a reflective process, removing, painting over, trial and error. Gestures, rhythms, foreground, background, the line is thin, thick, draining off, dropping. Following a path. Pausing.«

Please note:

27.10.21 - 14.01.22

Wednesday, 27.10.21, 18-21 h

Friday, 14.01.22, 17-21 h

Reading: The Mandarin Oracle

The two book covers of Eva Brunner's Achtung die Naht and Elke Cremer's Aufriss ohne Häuser, collaged on the occasion of the reading Die Mandarinenorakel in GE59 / HENKELHIEDL
»natürliche risse runden sich
und wunsch-wunder gehen unsere hände durch
schalen öffnen bilder fetzen möglichen geschicks
oder sind es wunden äußeren glücks«

The poets Elke Cremer and Eva Brunner will read from their joint cycle "Die Mandarinenorakel" as well as from their respective poetry collections.
»aufriss ohne häuser« by Elke Cremer was published by KLAK Verlag in September 2021. »Achtung, die Naht« by Eva Brunner was published by parasitenpresse in 2019.

Moderated by Jörg Becken, publisher of KLAK Verlag, the two will talk about creative processes, their poetic concerns and, last but not least, about peeling lyrical impulses out of the everyday.

SAVE THE DATE: 12.11.2021, 7 pm, GE59
More details on registration will follow in the next newsletter.

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