October 2021

GE59 - Digital is not always better

Screenshot of the InDesign programme showing a page overview in the design process of the booklet The Tangerine Oracle - GE59 / HENKELHIEDL

New images for the eye, poetry and music for the ears on site. Including an exclusive publication for everywhere. Digital is not always better.


Visitors inside the Art-Work-Space GE59
Visitors inside the vernissage on 27 October 2021

Probably not many people noticed. We didn't in time. In the September newsletter, the title of the current exhibition of our »Art-Work-Space« GE59 was misspelled. Twice. Stupid.

But »VOCA BU LAR« more than deserves the correct spelling. We are delighted and proud to be able to offer the works of Erika Krause a temporary home where we work. The exhibition has been running since 27 October and can be seen until the beginning of next year.

Bärbl Hiedl and Erika Krause at Art-Work-Space GE59
Bärbl Hiedl (left) and Erika Krause

Please make a note: the finissage will take place on Friday, 14 January 2022 from 5 to 9 pm. Erika Krause, Bärbl Hiedl and all of us are of course happy to welcome visitors at almost any time - during our opening hours, but also individually by arrangement. Don't be shy!
Find out more on the GE59 website.

The Mandarin Oracle

November 12 2021, 7pm
Urbanstraße 116
10967 Berlin

Elke Cremer
Eva Brunner

The poets Elke Cremer and Eva Brunner read from their joint cycle "Die Mandarinenorakel", as well as from their poetry collections »aufriss ohne häuser« and »Achtung, die Naht«.
Moderated by Jörg Becken, publisher of KLAK Verlag, the two talk about creative processes, their poetic concerns and, not least, about peeling lyrical impulses out of the everyday.

Lillia Keyes

Lillia Keyes will provide the musical accompaniment for the evening. She regularly plays as a guest with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, Ensemble United Berlin, the Staatskapelle Berlin and education projects of the Berliner Philharmoniker. She works with several film composers, including Dascha Dauenhauer and Carsten Nicolai. Lillia Keyes is a founding member of the cello trio she plays cello.


Due to Corona, we only have a limited number of places available. They will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the 2G rule applies.

14,8 x 21,0

A great little booklet in the digital making

»Elke Cremer and Eva Brunner met a few years ago
as listeners at a reading in Berlin. Since then they have been commenting on and interpreting each other's texts. Over breakfast, they came up with the idea of making a collaborative writing project out of the tangerine interpretation game that Elke had developed together with an art collective. After much swapping and exchanging, the text was woven into a joint lyrical whole that neither would have written like this on their own, but which they both made their own.«

This is the explanatory text in the little booklet accompanying the reading. On 30 pages, 14.8 cm x 21.0 cm in size, there are not only poems by Elke Cremer and Eva Brunner to admire, but also wonderful illustrations by Yayo Kawamura.

By the way: If there are still copies left after the evening, we will offer them online as soon as possible - just like the catalogues of the exhibitions by Ellen Möckel and Erika Krause. You can find out when, where and how exactly via Facebook, Instagram or the GE59 newsletter. Simply leave the necessary data under the latter link and don't forget to tick the right box below. Don't let it be your loss. Digital here, analogue there. And vice versa!
Thank you.

as diverse as the prospects for the new year
intangible in the tumult possible possible
the things around me oracle themselves

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