Digital Concept Developer:in (UI/UX)

Giddy states of aggregation.

As a concept developer, you wonder why you need to understand content in all its aggregate states in addition to good ideas and 1a wireframes for digital products? Are you an editor wondering why you have to have a plan and be able to switch from keyboard to bird's eye view without any problems, in addition to being able to write in a straight line without getting dizzy? In the end, however, maybe the much-vaunted field of UI/UX is your starting point, so you possibly come from the field of design, but want to have more influence and wonder how you could succeed? 

Good questions. The answer(s): Because this diversity is exactly what we're looking for, because this diversity is exactly what our team is all about - you should click the button.

If you also have one, two, three, four or more years of professional experience, ideally even in an agency... and you know at least ten of the following 15 terms more than just by hearsay, please contact us immediately. We would like to work with you. Starting immediately. Permanently employed in the very best case. We would like to have you working full time in our agency in Berlin-Kreuzberg, but of course you can also be a hybrid.

Accessibility : CMS : Figma : Flowcharts : miro : Personas : SWOT : Prototyping : Tickets : Storytelling : UI/UX : User Stories : Webflow : Wireframes : Competitive Analysis

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