Dr Eva Brunner

Project management

Straight: Eva has been with Henkelhiedl since 2016 . Based in the trades of project management and conception, she is an all-rounder who likes to switch between talking and writing, listening and watching. Since 2018, she no longer lives around the corner from Urban Street, but regularly drops by from Sweden (Uppsala).

Before: Eva studied literature, psychology and journalism in Bochum, Berlin and Berkeley. In 2015, she received her PhD from the Humboldt University in Berlin with a thesis on Confessional Poetry and Narrative Identity. Her professional experience comes from various press offices, a weekly newspaper, a PR agency and the CI agency MetaDesign.

In between: Eva is a poet on the side and teaches as a guest lecturer at Uppsala University.

You are always welcome here: Look, Buy, Read, Buy.

»I like the way we talk to each other and to our clients«.